More than just a digital marketing expert

I develop and implement effective business strategies for forward thinking companies, and have a proven track record of creating success for clients.


To create brand value, increase sales, raise efficiency, and improve the level of service.
To be part of a team that builds something special and game-changing.

As a consultant, I seek opportunities that include vested business discussions.

For almost 20 years, I have specialized in the areas of brand and product development, marketing strategy and plan execution, business development, operational process strategy, technology implementation and deployment, and enterprise level search engine optimization for B2B and B2C organizations. I have a proven track record of directly and indirectly increasing sales, market share and profitability.

For the past 2+ years, I have been working largely in the pharmaceutical space. I was initially brought into the pharmaceutical industry to help form a new company to recruit medical sales reps across the nation. I was able to plan and lead development and completion of an industry leading brand, website, marketing collateral & full-scale recruiting and employee training system. This recruiting system included running job ads, automating the interview scheduling process, digitizing the multi-stage interview process, automating the new hire document onboarding process, creating an online training portal, and largely automating getting sales collateral into the hands of these fully trained new hires. The system generated 1,398 job applicants within the first 15 days following the official launch, which led to the hiring of 85 top-quality medical sales reps covering 29 states...all fully trained...within the first 45 days following launch.

Based on the success of this new system, a separate pharmaceutical industry investment group later asked me to lead the opening of two independent retail pharmacies in Texas and Florida. In just over 6 months, I was able to complete the opening of two new locations in Houston and Orlando while managing Operations, Technology, Hiring and HR, Sales and Marketing.

I was directly responsible for branding the company, identifying retail locations, negotiating leases, planning & managing physical build-outs, dealing with regulatory requirements (State Boards of Pharmacy, DEA, NPI, NCPDP, etc.), managing the insurance credentialing process, creating relationships with medication vendors, setting up in-pharmacy computers, inventory, medication ordering, and customer prescription management systems, developing the websites, designing sales & marketing collateral, implementing a Sales CRM, creating the financials and budgeting, as well as hiring and managing pharmacists, pharmacy techs, pharmacy sales reps, as well as managing other employees and contractors.

Prior to this, I lead SEO strategy for SaleAMP, a boutique online demand generation company with over 100 clients including Starwood Hotels, Lenovo, Carfax, The Dallas Cowboys, 360Training, University of Liverpool, University of Roehampton, Supercircuits, Spiceworks, and Johnny Carino’s among others.

Prior to SaleAMP, I directed web and technology driven marketing strategies for Guidelight Business Solutions, an enterprise development company with clients including D&H Distributing, Pearson Medical, Ciber, and Rice University among others as they extended their services offering into the mobile space.

Prior to Guidelight, I served as the Director of Digital Marketing for a custom mobile application development company servicing both B2B and B2C clients and was responsible for strategy and content architecture plans as they related to market visibility, lead generation, user interaction, retention, and overall market integration.

I’d welcome an opportunity to speak further about my background. I feel confident I can contribute immediately and significantly to your continuing success in a market that requires unwavering commitment, energy, and enthusiasm from management teams.

Professional Highlights

Some remarkable events from my past projects.


Created a brand, website & recruiting system to generate 1,398 job applicants within the first 15 days of launch. This yielded 85 top-quality medical sales reps in 29 states within 45 days.


Architected the first Carfax website supporting the ability for users to buy cars. Was the final gateway for all technology and content architecture decisions.


Brought in to centralize and manage SEO strategy for a company with 5 Senior Account Directors, 20+ Account Managers and over 100 clients including The Dallas Cowboys, Starwood Hotels, Carfax, and Lenovo among others.


Developed a marketing strategy that resulted in sit down meetings with technology leaders from Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, 7-Eleven, Academy Sports, Whole Foods,, Sephora, Luxottica, Fredericks of Hollywood, and Fossil among others.


Significantly increased lead flow while taking the marketing department from a 70k /mo expense to cash flow positive.


Helped 25,000+ organizations negotiate better telecom contracts to generate $50MM+ in contract values.


One of the first to leverage localized content for organic SEO purposes.


Launched a reporting-based renewal program increasing customer retention rate by 400% within 90 days.


Generated 1.1MM targeted PPC clicks in one month at $0.032 per click.


One of the first to create banner ads formatted as sponsored search results. The ads ran on NBCI, InfoSpace, Dog Pile, Metacrawler, and many others.


Broke 19-year-old company’s all-time monthly sales record by 85%.

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