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refresh facebook share cache

How to refresh the Facebook share cache before publishing a link

Here’s how to force Facebook to refresh their share cache The Issue: When posting a link on Facebook, sometimes you…
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Mobile Coupons SEO

Digital and Mobile Coupons Going Viral

Last year Fast Company did a story on an Austin Bagel Company that offered a free bagel to each person…
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Traditional Marketing SEO

Driving Social Media With Traditional Advertising

Social media should be looked at as a 2-way street. And while this is a fairly simple statement, a lot…
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Google Facebook Twitter SEO

Google Giving Weight to Facebook and Twitter Links? [Video]

Matt Cutts (head of the webspam team at Google) sheds some light on if and how Google is using Facebook…
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Social Media SEO

Social Network Updates Might Get You Robbed

It would seem the coupling of our tendency to “friend” complete strangers, along with a willingness to openly share schedules,…
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Marketing & PR – Top 50 to Follow on Twitter

One of the main advantages of social networks like Twitter is you can learn a lot by simply following the…
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