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I am very proud of the services I provide to clients. In fact, I see a business relationship as much more personal and built in real partnership. And, my relationships are not bound by the traditional M-F 9-5 windows agencies normally keep.

Phillip Rather - SEO Testimonial
Phillip Rather
Sr. Director, Head of Local
"Matt Rauch is an incredibly hardworking and loyal business partner who has keen analytical ability and understands the best use of technology in marketing. His SEO skills are second to none and he successfully drives enterprise internet marketing plans through precise research and development. He is an asset to any organization."
Etienne Houseknecht - SEO Testimonial
Etienne Houseknecht
Head of Marketing
Dacor (Samsung Electronics)
Analyzing a situation and knowing where and how to strike is at the core of what Matt does best. He has amassed a significant set of skills in the SEO environment and has demonstrated on multiple occasions his value in being able to either jumpstart an existing product or accelerate the growth of a company’s digital presence from initiation. In the short time I worked with Matt, he exceeded expectations numerous times with a wide variety of B2B and B2C clients. I would enjoy the opportunity of working again with Matt.
David Pratt - SEO Testimonial
David Pratt
Search Engine Marketing Manager
“Matt knows his stuff when it comes to technical SEO requirements, including optimal site architecture and on page elements. He is up to speed on the ever changing search algorithms. He is also conscientious and a pleasure to work with.”
George Stevens - SEO Testimonial
George Stevens
Guidelight Business Solutions
“Matt is an expert at developing web marketing strategies.

I brought Matt into Guidelight to develop a new market area for the company around enterprise mobile solutions. Through his direct leadership of multiple web and SEO initiatives, the company benefited first from formally establishing a new presence in the mobile space, then growing our market share with a focus on enterprises with revenues greater than $1B. Guidelight continues to enjoy the results of the marketing strategy Matt established.”
Jeff Sunshine - SEO Testimonial
Jeff Sunshine
CFO & Interim CEO
“Matt's SEO expertise proved invaluable at a time when our company was seeking to maximize its visibility and minimize its expenses. With Matt's help, we were able to cut our marketing spend to a fraction of the company's prior spend - and yet still realize much greater results. Shortly after Matt "optimized" our website, the company cut all marketing spending.

It is still hard for me to believe, but over a year later the site still ranked among Google's top results across the most relevant keywords. Matt is hard working and can push forward with little direction required. If one needs SEO or digital marketing help, they would be wise to contact Matt.”
Olaf Jonsek - SEO Testimonial
Olaf Jonsek
Director of E-Commerce
“Matt is a true expert in SEO and UX. His analysis provided sound and logical recommendations for our SEO efforts that were overlooked by many other SEO consultants. Not only does he have the expertise - he also is able to communicate the findings and priorities accordingly to all stakeholders: from IT teams to executive sponsors. Matt is a pleasure to work with as well a key strategist for search engine optimization.”
Christian Watson - SEO Testimonial
Christian Watson
E-Commerce Director
Observint Technologies
“Matt provided us with a high level of SEO expertise, particularly on the technical side as it related to how our e-commerce website was set up. This enabled us to implement important on-site SEO changes without negatively impacting the functionality and usability of our site.

In order to understand what changes we needed to make, and how best to apply them, Matt always took the time to explain in detail what was necessary, even down to going through the source code to identify exactly what needed to be modified.

Matt has a an extensive knowledge of SEO -- both onsite and offsite -- and was able to keep us up-to-date with the latest changes in Google's algorithm so that we could make adjustments to our SEO strategy as needed.”
John Mansour - SEO Testimonial
John Mansour
CEO & CO-Founder
“Working with Matt is a pleasure. His ability to strategize through situations and to execute is remarkable. Matt is the swiss army knife in business, which is what is needed for success. Truly one of a kind. I would trust Matt with everyone of my businesses, as he treats it like his own. His work ethic is unmatched.”
Ryan Addams - SEO Testimonial
Ryan Addams
Chief Architect
SaleAMP Inc.
"Matt is an information sponge when it comes to all things SEM. His knowledge of rapidly-changing trends with the major search engines and techniques is unparalleled, as are his methods for conveying those trends to other professionals. In a market where yesterday's techniques will likely not work and may also harm your brand, Matt's expertise in the SEM space is critical for success in virtually any internet-based endeavor."
Corey Smith - SEO Testimonial
Corey Smith
Chief Operating Officer
"I had the pleasure of working with Matt as our marketing manager at We were breaking new ground back in those days and was able to witness Matt at the early stages of his SEO career. He's extremely dedicated and passionate about his work, he's an out-of-the-box thinker, a true innovator. He would be a key asset to any development team in this industry."
Kim Pinion - SEO Testimonial
Kim Pinion
Program Lead
Global Marketing Operations
National Instruments
"By his very nature, Matt is one of the most analytical people I know, but where he really stands out is in his ability to get to the bottom of any problematic situation and apply his in-depth knowledge and analytical skills to produce a strategic, actionable solution that wows clients and ultimately produces the results they are looking for.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt for going on two years, and during that time, I can’t count the number of times I’ve been blown away by the strategic, incredibly well-thought out analysis and recommendations he has produced. While he is incredibly strong in terms of identifying potential problems that others would not likely catch, he further differentiates himself by making it his personal mission to come up with solid solutions for clients and for the greater good of any team or organization he is a part of. I frequently find myself conferring with Matt because I both really appreciate his unique perspective and completely trust his already extensive knowledge, but I also know he will always do a deeper dive into whatever the topic to ensure that he provides sound and in-depth recommendations and advice.

Matt is the strongest and most technical expert for absolutely everything SEO and online marketing that I know. He is a tremendous asset to any team or project he’s involved in, and someone you always hope to have on your team and in your corner. One of the best things for me about coming to work each day is getting to collaborate and work with incredible minds like his. He’s just one of those rare people in life where knowing him makes you feel inspired to learn more and become better and at whatever you do."
Curtis Guilbot - SEO Testimonial
Curtis Guilbot
Chief Operations Officer
"Matt Rauch is an SEO and PPC ninja who worked closely with the VP of Sales and internal website development team at Appiction. Matt's role was critical, because the company was spending about $30k/month in Google Adwords at the time he was hired. Matt helped to maximize the company's lead generation initiative by reducing spend by 50%, and at the same time increased sales leads by 50% via PPC optimization and organic search growth."
Matt Veitch - SEO Testimonial
Matt Veitch
VP of Sales,
"Matt Rauch is a wonderful addition to any team searching for a self starter, heavily detailed and dedicated team player. I have leaned on Matt on several occasions to complete complex tasks with little or no guidance. Matt has a great ability to understand the business demands of a company and compile intense analytical data. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Matt again..."
Raj Ratnakar - SEO Testimonial
Raj Ratnakar
Chief Strategy Officer
"Matt did a great job as a dedicated team member at In addition to making meaningful contributions to his team, he was always eager to learn new areas of the business and help other teams toward the overall success of the startup. A great addition to any team!"
Sean Mcilrath - SEO Testimonial
Sean McIlrath
Vice President & GM
"Matt is a task oriented person who delivered on time and with great results leading development, SEO, and market research for HomePros. He continually works long hours to get the job done, and I would recommend him as a key technology marketing SEO resource."
Anthony Frey - SEO Testimonial
Anthony Frey
Sr. Online Software Engineer
The Home Depot
"Matt Rauch is an SEO Rock Star!"
John Skelton - SEO Testimonial
John Skelton
Global Pharmacy Solutions, Inc
"Very bright and thinks outside the box. Good person also."
Clay Griffith - SEO Testimonial
Clay Griffith
"It's rare that you meet somebody with the depth of knowledge held by Matt. He has an astonishing ability to analyze situations and accurately find solutions to issues that consistently show results. Even more, he shows his value in frequently identifying underlying problems that prevent businesses from seeing higher returns - often when others don't even suspect a problem. Matt is a fantastic person to work with, he puts in the hours, he cares about objectives and results, and he offers a unique perspective on online marketing that bridges gaps between technology and marketing. There is no question that Mr. Rauch is one of the most intelligent and qualified professionals in SEO and online marketing at large. It's a pleasure working with him."