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Mac Mail Logo

Add Signature to Mac Mail

ADD SIGNATURE TO MAC MAIL To add a signature to Mac Mail, you must follow the steps below.  Please note:…
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Rich Snippets Author SEO

Rich Snippets and SERP Rankings [Video]

Will Markup Improve SERP Rankings?
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Page Load Speed SEO

Slow Loading Widgets Bad for SEO? [Video]

How do widgets like the Facebook Like box affect your SEO and Search Engine Rankings when they seem to be…
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Canonical or 301 Redirects SEO

Is a Canonical Reference or a 301 Redirect better for SEO? [Video]

Find out what Matt Cutts says about the SEO differences between using rel="canonical" and 301 redirects.
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SEO Tag Cloud

Tag Clouds Good or Bad for SEO? [Video]

Find out what Matt Cutts says about the use of Tag Clouds on your site...including their effect on SEO.
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Pagerank Sculpting SEO

Is PageRank Sculpting Unethical? [Video]

Find out what Matt Cutts thinks about PageRank sculpting.
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2 Links 1 Page SEO

Do 2 Links From The Same Page Both Pass PageRank? [Video]

This is an interesting video on PageRank sculpting. The basis being, do 2 separate links coming from the same page…
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Meta Description SEO

Does Google Still Use Meta Description? [Video]

Find out if Google is doing away with the use of the meta description.
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Pipes or dashes in page titles SEO

Pipes vs Dashes in Page Titles [Video]

Learn how Google reacts to Dashes and Pipes in your page titles.
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Dash or Underscore in URL SEO

Dashes vs Underscores in URLs [Video]

Learn exactly how and why Google treats dashes and underscores differently when used in your webpage URL's.
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Wordpress SEO

WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 Released!

The big news is that the WP and WPMU (Multi-User) codebases have merged…and everyone will be able to run WP…
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NextGEN Gallery : Tables could not created, please check your database settings

Have you seen the following error when trying to install NextGEN Gallery, FLAGallery or a similar gallery? NextGEN Gallery :…
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Wordpress Hack SEO

ALERT: WordPress Attack Spreading Fast – Upgrade NOW!

WordPress developers are reporting (announced by "Lorelle on WordPress") there is an ongoing 'attack' on older versions (prior to release…
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Usability & SEO

Usability Experts – Top 10 to Follow on Twitter

One of the biggesst advantages of social networks like Twitter is you can learn alot by simply following the right…
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SEO Web Development

SEO Web Development

With the "I want it now" attitude of today's Internet user along with ever increasing search engine and overall internet…
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