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Project Rescue SEO

Rescuing Enterprise Mobile App Projects: Guidelight’s New Service

In today’s gold-rush adoption of mobile capabilities, organizations are turning to B2C development models to get enterprise-level apps into the…
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Guidelight meets with senior tech leaders from 7-Eleven, HSN, Saks Fifth Ave, and

Guidelight invited to the NG Retail Summit to meet with senior technology leaders from over 60 top retailers which included…
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Guidelight SEO

Top Enterprise App Developers enter the Mobile Market

Guidelight Business Solutions, Inc. is a Texas based Enterprise Application Development Company started in 2002. The company has assembled a…
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SOPA Dies – Smith Pulls Bill

Lamar Smith, the chief sponsor of SOPA, made a statement today that he is pulling the bill “until there is…
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The Big G SEO

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Stepping Down

In a bombshell of an announcement, it's being reported that Eric Schmidt will be stepping down from his position as…
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Mobile Coupons SEO

Digital and Mobile Coupons Going Viral

Last year Fast Company did a story on an Austin Bagel Company that offered a free bagel to each person…
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Traditional Marketing SEO

Driving Social Media With Traditional Advertising

Social media should be looked at as a 2-way street. And while this is a fairly simple statement, a lot…
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Google Fiber SEO

Google Fiber – Expect Test Location Choice by Year’s End

Google plans to deploy 1 Gbps fiber to homes within a single community to test next generation advertisement delivery, as…
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FCC Announces 100-Squared Initiative

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has made it clear in the past that he see’s a need for universal broadband. In…
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Microsoft Yahoo SEO

Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal Finally Approved

ShareThe U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission have finally approved the Microsoft-Yahoo deal, which talks first started for…
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Usability & SEO

Usability Experts – Top 10 to Follow on Twitter

One of the biggesst advantages of social networks like Twitter is you can learn alot by simply following the right…
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Marketing & PR – Top 50 to Follow on Twitter

One of the main advantages of social networks like Twitter is you can learn a lot by simply following the…
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Broadband Locators - T1 Line

Free T1 Line Provider Quotes

Broadband Locators – Given the growing number of broadband providers, resellers, sub-agents, and agents in the Broadband industry, it has…
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