Electronic Document Storage

An electronic document management solution will greatly improve your organization's ability to capture, store, secure and retrieve information with accuracy and efficiency.

It's time to get your paperwork in order!

There are a ton of advantages with electronic document storage including version control, remote simultaneous collaboration, reliable backups, increases consistency through templates, and the ability to easily search. In certain situations, there are additional benefits related to archiving, security and/or regulatory compliance.

Use the power of search to streamline productivity

Access your files from remote locations

Enable live collaboration between colleagues

Reduce redundant data input with 3rd-party software integrations

Electronic Document Storage core services include:

Assess Current System

Assess your current document storage processes to gain an understanding of what data will need to be transitioned.

Assess Business Process

Analyze the business processes as well as the systems the business runs on to prospect integration possibilities.

Plan & Implementation

Map out a process for the transition of the current documents and define the go-forward storage policies.

More about Electronic Document Storage

An electronic document management solution will make it easy to combine digital and paper files into a single place, as physical documents are scanned and digital files are uploaded or imported. Supported file formats might include PDFs, images, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Paper filing systems are less than secure, comparatively expensive, and really have a limited place in the overall future of business. Many businesses don't see themselves moving away from paper, but getting started has never been so crucial if you want to complete. A transition from paper to digital can sometimes be tedious, but after implement a well-thought-out electronic document management solution, you will likely end up asking yourself why you waited so long.