Email Platform Administration

Why use use a free email account (,, to represent your business when it raises doubts about professionalism in the eyes of so many potential customers?

It's time to ''!

Your professional credibility is in question every day you are in business. A very simple way to stifle some of those questions is with a custom domain email to represent your company. Having your business name in your email shows customers you are prepared to conduct professional business.

Build credibility in your professionalism

Build your brand and image

Be remembered in a positive light

Email Platform Administration core services include:

Domain Name Choice

You either already have a company domain you just aren't using for email, or we'll work together to find a great one.

Department Analysis

Define any email routing that needs to take place (like sales & support) for different aspects of the company.

Platform Implementation

Get the domain and email addresses setup, and get any necessary forwarders or group forwarders configured.

More about Email Platform Administration

Many business owners gloss over custom email as a minor detail in the larger branding picture, but it’s incredibly important. In a single glance, what it means to your customers, clients, and/or acquaintances is the difference between a hobbyist and a professional organization.

Get this part of your branding strategy dealt with right now and get your business on it's way to legitimacy. Custom email is not as complicated, time consuming or expensive as you probably think if you haven't set it up yet. It is one small factor in your branding strategy that will make a world of difference in the way your business is perceived.