Email Marketing

Email marketing is inexpensive, can complement or be integrated into other marketing efforts, and is highly effective with well-positioned delivery.

Email Marketing is Still Alive and Well!

Relevant, promotional, well-timed (think birthday, holiday or current event related), dynamic and humorous emails all garner great response. Even when emails don't get opened, you've put your brand in front of customers to remind them you're there when they need you.

Maximize spend with an inexpensive medium

Deliver offers and coupons to boost sales

Stay connected with current customers

Email Marketing core services include:

Historical Assessment

Analyze any previous email marketing and identify other types of email communications you've had. Essentially, revisiting any lessons already learned.

Strategy Development

Customized planning for promotions and offers, along with identifying other opportunities to help support and drive other campaigns.

Platform Development

Identify the best provider and/or identify any account updates or integrations that can be made to help improve quality and streamline the entire initiative.

More about Email Marketing

With social media experiencing such rapid growth in popularity, marketers want to question whether or not email marketing is still effective. What seems to hold true for email marketing success is that it really all comes down to whether or not messages are relevant and/or tailored to suit the recipient.

Email marketing campaigns delivering customized promotions or offers, updates regarding relevant products and services, important industry information they aren't getting anywhere else, along with personalized and well-timed messages all still work extremely well.