Mobile Marketing

People almost always have their mobile phones with them, and most of the time the phone is on. This almost assures instant message receipt.

Put a Quick Message in Your Customer's Purse or Pocket!

Everyone has a mobile phone, and they continue to spend more and more time on it. This makes mobile the perfect place to send a reminder that your products or services are dearly needed.

Leverage the next big thing in digital marketing

Issue promotions and incentives directly to users

Maximize budget with simpler, less expensive content

Get ahead and remain ahead of the competition

Mobile Marketing core services include:

Feasibility Assessment

Assess whether your business is prepared to do mobile marketing or if certain business adjustments need to be made in an effort to get prepared.

Strategy Development

Customized plans for promotions and offers, and what type of location based services can be leveraged to drive successful campaigns.

Platform Development

Make updates to any existing accounts in need, and get new accounts setup for any other social networks that make sense based on the content strategy.

More about Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing allows you to send time-sensitive, tailored content to reach customers at the right time. Inspire customer engagement by sending scheduled, triggered, or automated notifications when your customers are within proximity of a beacon or at a certain location.

Mobile marketing supports engaging with customers through text (SMS) marketing, push notifications, or group messaging. You can also deliver alerts, relevant news, shipping information, and location-based offers to to drive a level of convenience for your customers.