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Trade your old CDs & DVDs for a new iPod, iPhone or iPad

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If you have been waiting to get an iPod, iPhone or iPad and have been looking forward to all the available iPhone Apps, you don’t have to wait any longer. The New York based iPodMeister offers an interesting option…swap your old, used CDs and DVDs for a brand new iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Adding to the simplicity of the service, iPodMeister will even rip your music collection to mp3 (digitizing***) and send it to you, as long as you are willing to see the CD “Cost-per-item” go up.

The list of products available including exchange rates currently includes:

Model Storage Capacity Available colors CDs/DVDs
NO digitizing***
WITH digitizing***
iPod Nano w/video & FM radio 8 GB Purple, blue, orange, pink, green, silver, black 220 330
iPod Nano w/video & FM radio 16 GB Purple, blue, orange, pink, green, silver, black 300 400
iPod Touch 8 GB Black 300 400
iPod Touch 32 GB Black 400 500
iPod Touch 64 GB Black 500 600
iPod Classic 160 GB Black or silver 330 440
iPhone 3G * 8 GB Black 220 330
iPhone 3G S w/GPS & video * 16 GB Black or white 330 440
iPhone 3G S w/GPS & video * 32 GB Black or white 440 550
1.0 TB External Hard Drive ** 1000 GB Iomega, Seagate or WD (Mac or PC) 200 300
1.5 TB External Hard Drive ** 1500 GB Iomega, Seagate or WD (Mac or PC) 250 350
2.0 TB External Hard Drive ** 2000 GB Iomega, Seagate or WD (Mac or PC) 300 400
iPad w/ Wi-Fi 16 GB Will Ship 4/2010 600 770
iPad w/ Wi-Fi 32 GB Will Ship 4/2010 700 880
iPad w/ Wi-Fi 64 GB Will Ship 4/2010 800 990
iPad w/ Wi-Fi + 3G 16 GB Will Ship 5/2010 950 1200
iPad w/ Wi-Fi + 3G 32 GB Will Ship 5/2010 1050 1300
iPad w/ Wi-Fi + 3G 64 GB Will Ship 5/2010 1150 1400

* Phones require activation and registration at the time of purchase so you will be sent a check for the price of the iPhone plus applicable sales tax: 8GB iPhone 3G = $107, 16 GB iPhone 3G S = $217, 32 GB iPhone 3G S = $326.

**All external hard drives are from top brands like Western Digital, Seagate, Iomega, and Maxtor. Customers can choose the file format (Windows or Mac) but cannot choose the color.

For further details visit iPodMeister

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