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WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 Released!

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The big news is that the WP and WPMU (Multi-User) codebases have merged…and everyone will be able to run WP 3.0, be it normal mode or multiple site mode. If you are interested in running multiple sites but haven’t used MU (which allows multiple blogs to be run from a single installation) before, you’ll definitely need the instructions to get started.

Please be aware this is a 1st stage beta…meaning you should expect certain things to be in transition and for others to be broken. WordPress stated the reason for the early release was to get beta testers helping with things this weekend. Also, with this being such a major release, WordPress has even published a list of specific things that need testing here.

So, for you brave beta testers and/or daredevil developers, you can download the update now for a testdrive.

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  1. I’m so much excited with the launch of WordPress 3.0. Though since it’s beta release I’ll wait for a while to get the beta 2 and will install it on my live site.
    My plan is to put all my WordPress blogs into one single MU, since I can use one plugin in all the blogs.
    This will save lots of resources for my blog.

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