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Broadband Locators – Given the growing number of broadband providers, resellers, sub-agents, and agents in the Broadband industry, it has become a daunting task when trying to identify the best broadband provider for your company needs. Broadband Locators was created by technology pros to streamline this process and provide a competitive and comprehensive marketplace for businesses in search of the most suitable broadband provider.

Broadband Locators has direct relationships with both national and local broadband providers bringing together the most comprehensive collection of providers possible. Because of an open policy with regard to partners that they are competing directly for your business, Broadband Trader clients can be certain they are receiving the best line rates available. BroadbandTrader is positioned to offer businesses in need of broadband solutions the most competitive rates for Business DSL, T1 lines, DS3 / T3 lines, and OC3 connections by allowing broadband providers to openly compete for contracts. Also, by ensuring that line quotes from national, regional and local providers are supplied directly to clients, a truly informed buying experience can be had by the end user.

In the end, Broadband Locators is truly focused on its open and honest business to business broadband marketplace to insure providing the most competitive and accurate rate quotes possible.

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