SEO Web Development

SEO Web Development

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SEO Web Development & Website Architecture

With the “I want it now” attitude of today’s Internet user along with ever increasing competition, you must keep many things in mind when devising your SEO website development, architecture & content plan. Below are some things to think about:

Build a Smarter Website

  • Website content must provide value for the visitor.
  • Website flow must be designed to successfully close business.
  • Many aspects of SEO website design must be strategically provisioned for search engine marketing purposes.

Basic Questions Needing Answers Prior To SEO Web Development

  • Is the search demand in my product category substantial enough?
  • Am I targeting the correct keyphrases?
  • Does my product require online lead generation and/or an ecommerce solution?
  • Do I hire an independent SEO web developer, contract a design firm, or purchase a managed website solution?
  • Do I require managed hosting or server colocation?
  • Do I set up my own call center or outsource a call center support solution?

Basic Things You Need To Understand With Regard To SEO Web Development and Website Architecture

  • Content
  • Headers
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Name and Alt Tags
  • Internal Links
  • Inbound Links
  • Outbound Links
  • Dynamic Pages
  • Frames and Framesets

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