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  • August 26, 2008
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To achieve success on the web, one must be focused on acquiring free traffic mainly through search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). For this reason, an Austin SEO Expert must have vision which includes long term strategies for premium organic rankings on Google and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization Expert

To be successful these days, a search engine optimization Expert must be both an artist and a statistical analyst, and must also possess inherent integrity. Most website owners don’t have the time or understanding to effectively form their marketing and content delivery strategies and are often unable to overcome their initial mistakes. Given the level of competition that exists on the web today, coupled with the increasingly intricate nature of search engine algorithms, even most “experts” are lacking in one or more of these areas and have little chance of sustained success.

The Search Engine Optimization Artist

Artistically, a search engine optimization expert must be able to create blended on-site content within and between website pages while developing and maintaining clear paths to conversion. Simply put, website pages must be optimized for the search engines and at the same time must provide an inspiring experience for potential customers geared towards conversion. If an effective balance is not achieved here, or when one goal is pursued without much, if any, consideration for the other, the website will never become a viable entity. This is normally the first place website owners make a mistake by focusing too much on one or the other.

The Search Engine Optimization Analyst

Through statistical analysis, a search engine optimization specialist must be able to identify and understand potential sources of qualified traffic. This is where website owners normally make their second mistake by choosing a short list of basic and highly trafficked keyphrases for all their marketing initiatives. In truth, these terms are normally inefficient with regard to visitor qualification and also happen to be the most expensive and most difficult to get at due to higher levels of competition. In the beginning, the goal should be to acquire the least expensive and most qualified or targeted traffic possible, and intelligent search engine analysis must be done to achieve this. Simply put, an effective search engine marketing and optimization expert will first identify the least expensive traffic that will convert at the highest rates in an effort to maximize initial budgets making significant reinvestment and compounded growth rates possible.

Search Engine Optimization Integrity

With regard to integrity, many website owners first make the mistake of overloading their homepages with a wide array of marketing keyphrases which will compromise the page and website theme. An effective search engine optimization expert will define and organize keyphrases targeting by creating secondary level pages within a website in support of very directed homepage content. In essence, a reasonable number of secondary level category pages are created in an effort to acquire traffic through more specific and concise content and messaging. In some situations, 3rd or tertiary (or sub-category) level pages might be created in support of the secondary (or category) level pages.

The next place most website owners make an integrity mistake is when they are simply unable to understand the many options available to them as they begin building and/or marketing their website. Basically, not only does one need to understand the actual service being delivered and possible traffic benefits directly associated with it, they must also understand the supporting technology and any related risk with regard to optimization and/or being penalized or even banned by a search engine. These types of optimization mistakes are normally made because either the website owner or claimed “seo expert” simply has a lack of information or understanding, or they have taken a risk that they probably knew was crossing the line. Some might consider these to be difficult decisions, but the best question to ask before making questionable decisions might be, “if I was not at all concerned with my search engine rankings, would this type of advertising make sense?”

By possessing inherent integrity, a search engine optimization (SEO) expert will often save website owners from themselves. Simply creating a level of understanding for the website owner should truly be viewed as the search engine expert’s most important task. Next, identifying mistakes or inefficiencies with regard to website architecture or marketing initiatives should be sought after by the specialist. Finally, a fully situational plan should be created not only to remedy current issues, but to grow both long-term website success and an increased level of awareness and understanding for the website owner or manager.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) can make or break an online business. Search Engine Optimization in it’s truest form is an internet marketing strategy reliant upon competitive analysis, search engine research, tactically implemented website architecture and optimization, social media marketing, and pay per click advertising setup, along with continued search engine tracking, pay per click program management and website polishing.

While balancing these things as a digital marketing strategy is created, one must never lose sight of the ultimate goal…which is to continually grow your website content and value proposition for both current and prospective visitors.

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