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Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 (from IE6) & Feed the Hungry!

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Need a reason to upgrade your browser? How about doing it to fight world hunger?
In honor of Hunger Action Month, Microsoft has extended their “Browser for the Better” campaign through September. The Browser for the Better campaign is intended to make it easy for people to make a real difference.

How You Can Make a Difference

For each instance of someone upgrading their Internet Explorer from version 6 to version 8 via www.browserforthebetter.com (a free upgrade), Microsoft will donate funds to provide 8 meals through Feeding America. And during September, Microsoft will double their donation to provide 16 meals.

How do you find out if you have Internet Explorer 6?

  1. Open Internet Explorer (Yes, click the blue e)
  2. In the top menu bar, click “help”
  3. Then, click About Internet Explorer
  4. The resulting pop-up window will read Version:6.x.xxxx.xxxxx

What to do if you have Internet Explorer 6?

  1. Go to the “Browse for the Better” Website by CLICKING HERE.
  2. Click “Download Internet Explorer 8 for Free”
  3. Feel good because you just provided 16 meals for the hungry

About Feeding America

Feeding America provides low-income families and individuals with the nourishment they need to survive. They are currently the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity and supply food to over 25 million Americans every year. This includes 9 million children and 3 million seniors. The charity fights hunger in all of its forms and consists of over 200 member food banks that support approximately 63,000 agencies. For more information about how you can help to fight hunger in your community and across the country, please visit www.feedingamerica.org.

A related article on senior food insecurity.

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